Just Released - EMR Contract Review Guide

EMR Contract Review



This long awaited guide has been in development for over a year.  This guide assists physicians in purchasing an EMR system and reviewing the contract they will sign with their EMR/PMS vendor.  It is important to remember that the contract is written primarily to protect the EMR vendor, not the physician.  This guide will review topics and make suggestions in hopes to better protect physicians in the process of purchasing a system and implementing/integrating that new system.




HDS has just posted an EMR Question List for EMR demonstrations. This list can be found under EMR Features.



HDS has released a new article on comparing EMR vendors. This article walks you through how to compare one EMR vendor with another. This article can be found under Compare EMR Vendors.


HDS has also released a small technical paper on converting data from your old system to your new one. Take a look at this article to understand the basics of the data conversion. This article can be found under Data Conversions.


HDS is currently working on an online book that deals with Contract Language for the EMR contract. This language reflects the technical aspects about an EMR implementation that typically occur during and after the system has been installed. The language is designed to protect the physician and the investment made into the new system. Check back soon for this online document.

HDS just released a very detailed article on how systems interface with each other using HL7.  Click on Interfaces to view the article.




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This website has recently been brought online and is still a work in progress.  It is our intent to provide new information on a weekly basis.  If this is the first time you have visited this website, please take a look at our first featured article on Defining the EMR Selection Process by clicking the EMR Selection menu option.  This is the first of many articles to come to help guide your practice in selecting the right EMR.  We sincerely hope that this website can provide useful information that can help make your practice efficient and more enjoyable to work at.


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